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Add gifts from your desktop, smartphone or tablet

Available here on the web, the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Create and share your wish list so your friends will know what to get you

Add price information and set the priority of each item. Friends can see your most wanted items and find something within their budget for you.

Invite friends to make wish lists so you know what to get them!

Add WishMindr to Chrome

Install the WishMindr Chrome extension to add gifts from any site.

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Add gifts from any site with the 'Wish' bookmarklet

Add the 'Wish' bookmarklet to your browsers bookmarks toolbar to add gifts from any site.

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Use the Gift Search

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WishMindr is free and easy to use

Whether you're browsing items on a desktop, tablet or your phone, you can easily curate a wish list of items you'd love for someone to buy for you. Sign up for free and start creating your wish list.

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